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Trading support

Each and every member is important

This is not a sell it and leave ’em to it deal. We stick with our members at every stage to make sure they get the support they need to become a successful trader. 

Live trading room

This isn't for everyone

We talk to every member before enrolling them as members to make sure they have the focus, accountability and decisiveness to be a successful NINJA Options Warrior. It’s one reason why the atmosphere in our LIVE trading room is so fun and friendly.

Learn to be a successful trader


We don’t want our members to be reliant on our service forever or have to come back again and again for the next ‘new’ thing. We teach our members how to be successful, independent traders who can read the market and grow their account with confidence.

Celebrating your trading success

your success is why we do this

We’ve gotten so good at cheerleading we should really buy some gold pom poms. 


The Original NINJA Queen and Master Options Trader

Dorothy Hay, M.Ed., DD is a Master Options Trader, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Life Coach.  She has a graduate degree in Adult Education and a doctorate in Holistic Theology and began her career in the human potential field in 1989. She went on to make her debut as an international transformational facilitator on Canadian TV in 1994 while completing her Master of Education degree at Cambridge College. 

In 2010, after a life-altering back injury, she took a step back and decided just how she was going to live her life going forward and how she was going to contribute to humanity. 

She created the F.O.C.U.S. Series:  Freedom of Choice = Ultimate Satisfaction, an adult educational training series focused on transforming people’s lives in 3 main areas:  Health, Wealth and Relationships. 

She went on to learn how to trade in the stock market as part of her wealth strategy.  After learning all the wrongs things and what not to do through what she calls her ‘Ivy league education’ with the Ivy league price-tag, but not the Ivy league mentors’, she decided to formulate her own successful strategy.  

After months and months, countless hours, and scouring thousands of charts daily to learn how to read them, understand them, recognize patterns, etc. enter stage right our signature NINJA Trade©. 

She uses this strategy successfully every day in the NINJA Trade© Live Day Trading room where she helps her clients learn just how to determine their own profit targets, proper position sizing, risk management, and most important to have the mindset of a professional, winning trader! 

“I love helping people transform their thinking so they can become more effective at trading and in their lives. It’s fun to make money in the markets, but it’s even more fun and rewarding to help others do so”.

Dorothy Hay
The Original NINJA Queen


Each member is here to provide you with world-class service in the NINJA room and behind the scenes. The NINJA Crew is here to help you become the trader you know you can be.

To reach the NINJA Crew, email us at:
A member of the NINJA Crew will get back to you within 24-48 hours (it may take longer if your message us over the weekend or holidays).



Your Mentor and Lead Trader.

Here to guide you through your trading journey from soups to nuts! 

Trade live with Dorothy in the NINJA Trade© Live Day Trading room the first hour and last half hour each trading day.




Here to support your growth via group training and coaching sessions.