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Midweek Update on Swing Ideas

Hi Everyone,

Our swings have yet again performed beautifully!  I hope you have been paying yourselves!  Congrats to those who have been taking advantage of these ideas.

Here is our midweek update.

Have a great day everyone.


BONUS IDEAS:  Others for you to watch, moving averages are on the daily charts.  CHECK THOSE EARNINGS DATES BEFORE TAKING A TRADE.  Although I don’t send alerts or updates on these, I do cover several of them in this week’s video, so be sure to watch the video.  There are setups there that you can check out, do your own due diligence, and trade if you choose.

Watch over the 8 EMA: PG, BBY, CVS, DHI
Watch over the 50 SMA:  PKI, DGX, CMG, BLL, AMN
Watch over the 100 SMA:   WPM, CC, WELL, SMAR, LH
Potential Fib Retracements:  ETSY, SHOP, DASH, U, BLNK
Potential Puts:  CELH, AZN, CPNG, DAR, OLLI
Potential RBBs:  WW, WIX, W, ENR, CLX
Potential Pinballs:  VALE, TIGR, SID, MPLN


December 2021