Learn how to steadily and consistently grow your account with my signature NINJA Trading© strategy.  We’ve helped hundreds of folks already and want to help you become the successful trader you know you can be.

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Trading options without a consistently successful trading strategy is a pure gamble! 

Are you ready to stop gambling and start honing your trading skills and growing your account?

Did you come into trading excited, ready to make a killing, seeing all the green you’re gonna make … only to start seeing red pretty quickly?

Do you have some nice green days trading, but then 1 red day wipes out all your gains and you wonder what the heck you did wrong?

Do you get to a certain level in your trading account, but you just can’t break above it?

Do you find yourself hiding the truth from your family about what’s really going on with your trading?

Do you secretly lay awake at night praying that your position could just get back to even?

Do you see other traders in the chat rooms or Facebook groups claiming huge gains and you wish you could do the same?

Do you dream of finally walking out the door of your JOB and having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, however you want?

Do you worry you’re one of those traders who’s never going to see results?


As a member of our growing NINJA Community, you’ll have all the support, education, training, and mentoring you will need to propel you into the professional trader you know you can be.  You’ll finally have that sustainable options trading strategy that will help you grow your account steadily, consistently by up to 100% and then some!

Warm, supportive community

Dedicated personal support





Together we will formulate your own success strategy using my signature NINJA Trade© options trading strategy as your foundation. We’ll teach you our 5-step ‘pre-flight’ checklist that has a 99% success rate!

And just as important, we will work on your mindset!

KNOWING how to manage that space between your ears is absolutely imperative to your success as a trader.

All my membership packages cover the essential foundations to being a successful trader.


Any strategy that doesn’t have mindset mastery as the foundation of their plan is setting you up for failure!


When you know exactly what you are looking for there is no need for hopping around from service to service looking for a great trade idea.


Those nice gains don’t turn into huge loses because you have the discipline to execute a clear strategy and trade plan, take your profit or stop out.


Waiting for YOUR signals to delay entry, avoiding chasing a running trade and realising that patiently waiting for the right moment means you can avoid those loses.


Let go of FEAR OF MISSING OUT that leads to traders losing big, chasing trades, mirroring others and downright gambling!



Learn a new way of trading that doesn’t involve staring at a computer screen all day, jumping in and out of trades all day or gambling!

Revolutionize the way you trade by following my simple, step-by-step NINJA Trade© strategy that means you only have to join ONE service, trade ONE hour, find base hit after base hit, day in and day out and…


Trading options support
NO ONE makes it alone out here!
And you don’t have to!


Dorothy created the NINJA Community as a place for traders to come together in a community of like-minded folks who truly care about one another and support as well as champion each other.

Dorothy is an absolute stand for each one of her members to succeed and our amazing team is committed to support, love and truly care about our members.

If you needed one word to describe the difference that is the NINJA community, it’s FAMILY!

As a member of the community, you are like a family member. We got you! We look out for you. We care about your goals, your dreams, and growing your account! You don’t just get lost in a room with hundreds of folks who could care less about you.

If you have a question, concern, comment, you hop on the mic! This is a place where you voice is always heard! We’ve been there.  We’ve seen your struggles out there. We’ve experienced them ourselves and we’ve solved them! Let us help you solve yours as well so you can become the trader you absolutely know in your gut you can be!


When I started NINJA Foundations, I knew absolutely nothing about trading or options – I didn’t even know what a candle was! After 6 weeks I felt confident enough to start paper trading and now, after 9 weeks wonderful support I’m consistently growing my account. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short time!! Dorothy is an inspiration. She makes the technical analysis easy and seems to know exactly what you are thinking and what is holding you back. She has been there, personally, every step of the way, encouraging us, helping us grow and learn, holding our hands when we need her support and always teaching us how to go out there and trade with confidence on our own. NIINJA Foundations is more than just a trading options strategy course, it is a life-changer.

Kat R, United Kingdom

Dorothy, your program is amazing. I came into your program not knowing a thing. I had no idea what a ticker was. I no idea what a candle stick was. It’s only been two months and I’m winning over 95% of my trades and I’m confident in getting in and getting out. My best NINJA trade to date has been a 30 second trade where I made $1k! What!?! Who does that? Thanks again Dorothy for your guidance. To anyone who is considering your program I’d say do it do it do it!

Mike C, Canada


Here’s the deal.


You must be 100% committed with a high intention to succeed.

You must be open, coachable, and follow through with action steps.

You must be responsible, accountable, decisive and resourceful.


Whether you are just starting out with trading or are more experienced, one of our NINJA Tribe memberships will support and help you become a successful trader and finally have a sustainable strategy for consistently, steadily growing your account by 100% and then some!

We help traders build a strong foundation for their trading journey.  This is a marathon, NOT a sprint!  You’ll have skills that will last you a lifetime!

And we are there every step of the way, trading alongside you, and teaching you how to fish for yourself!  You’ll walk away finally knowing exactly how to WIN in trading!

NINJA Foundations Trading membership logo

If you are brand new to trading or just haven’t found your groove yet, and want to set a solid foundation for your journey, then this is for you!

This is a 16 week program where the first 8 weeks are online classroom time to set your foundation. The last 8 weeks are live in the NINJA Trade© Live Day Trading Room! Accelerated learners can get to the NINJA Trade© room more quickly.  Ask us how.


  • 8 weeks of training modules that will take you from soup to nuts and set your foundation for your trading journey.
  • 8 Weeks in the daily NINJA Live Room once you’ve successfully completed the first 8 weeks.
  • Twice Weekly Live Group Training/Coaching Sessions where you can bring all of your questions.
  • Initial Onboarding, Mid-Term and Final 1:1 Coaching Session with your assigned NINJA Crew Coach
  • Private FB Group for connecting with, supporting and championing your community
  • World Class Member Service
NINJA Swing Trading Pro Membership logo

Learn our advanced NINJA skills for finding high-probability swing trade ideas!

This service is for graduates of our NINJA Foundations program. Swing Trading is an advanced skillset that is a great option if you cannot be in the NINJA Live room with us in the first hour daily.


  • 10-Week Training – recorded Modules so you can access any time at your convenience
  • LIVE daily access to the NINJA Live Room PM sessions Mon-Thur while an active Swing member so you can have your questions answered live in real time during the last half hour of the trading sessions
  • Monthly 1:1 Strategic Coaching Sessions
  • Bi-Monthly Live Training/Q&A
  • Private FB Group for connecting with, supporting and championing your community
  • World Class Member Service
NINJA circle logo

Watch and learn as I trade LIVE and teach you the anatomy of my NINJA Trade©.

Take your trading from Foundations to Swing Pro in the NINJA Circle.


  • 12-Months NINJA Foundations membership
  • 12-Months NINJA Trade© Live Day Trading membership
  • 12-Months NINJA Swing Trading PRO membership
  • All Access to Entire Course Library
  • Private FB Group for connecting with, supporting and championing your community
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Session with your assigned NINJA Crew Coach
  • World Class Member Service
NINJA Elite Options Mastery Membership logo

For those who are truly ready to create ridiculous success in their trading and in their lives!

Ready to uncover and break through the limitations that stop you?  This service may be for you.


  • Bimonthly 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • Customized Journal Analysis
  • 12-Months NINJA Trade© Live Day Trading membership
  • 12-Months NINJA Swing Trading PRO membership
  • All Access to Entire Course Library
  • Discounted Access to FOCUS T3, when available
  • Private FB Group for connecting with, supporting and championing your community
  • World Class Member Service

Start by scheduling your NINJA Elite™ Interview asap!  Spaces are limited!


Register for our next enrollment event, and let’s get crystal clear about where you’re at with your trading, where you want to go and exactly what it’s going to take to get you there! 

If you are 100% committed to succeed, open, coachable, decisive and resourceful, and are accountable for your actions, then I can help you!  Let’s get you growing that account steadily, consistently so you can finally have the freedom to live the life you want on YOUR terms!

My experience with NINJA Options Warrior (NOW) has been nothing short of life-changing.

I’ve learned other strategies from other teachers, but nothing checked all of the boxes and I wasn’t consistently profitable. The strategy is phenomenal (a step-by-step checklist of how to get in and when to get out), but the true diamond is the mindset work that Dorothy Hay incorporates into every trading session.

The people in the live trading room have become like family. This is an experience like no other.  Since signing on with NOW, I have “mastered the space between my ears” and use a proven strategy to gain consistently month after month. And we do this trading in just the first hour of the trading day. Last month, I increased my account by 45%, and I expect to easily double my account this month. I left my job in July to pursue trading full-time. I would not have had the confidence to risk the comfortable for the extraordinary without Dorothy and her program!

Cleo Gladden

I really appreciate your service – your analysis, your teaching, the way to find the trades. 

I do believe this is a value-added service and you do an outstanding job for its members.

Sharath A.

My trading has changed for the better 100%

My experience with options started out like everyone I’m sure lol. Just throwing money right out the window because I did not have anyone mentoring me.  I’ve now been trading for about 3 years and been in Dorothy’s service a little over a year. All I can say is my trading has changed for the better 100%.

Dorothy’s teaching and mentoring has me now to looking for setups, being patient and knowing when to get in and out of a trade.  I still have my losses like everyone will but not nearly as bad. I set a stop, I stick to it. This has been a huge learning curve for me. Before I’d think  the stock would just go back up and I’d be wrong of course. So if you’re interested in learning about options, you’re in the right place for sure.

Benny Peacock

Dorothy is a GREAT TEACHER who explains in detail the reason to purchase the option with an entrance and exit plan strategy.

She is grounded with NO hype…with a great sense of humor and humility…really enjoy our early morning  sessions.  I know NOW that I am finally on the right road to consistently trade options, and now I “Take the money and run!”

Brent H.

Dorothy’s teachings on mindset and her signature strategy the NINJA trade was exactly what I needed to be successful.

I joined Dorothy’s NINJA Options Warrior service back in late February. I had some prior Options experience however I quickly found out I really did not have a clue what I was doing. Dorothy’s teachings on mindset and her signature strategy the NINJA trade was exactly what I needed to be successful. I am so glad I joined her service. I have become more focused, disciplined, and consistent with my trading and because of this I know I will reach all of my targets! Thanks Dorothy! 

Yalit Solano

Watching Dorothy in action is both enlightening and amazing in that I see how she systematically does her checks BEFORE taking a trade. 

For example, after observing how she monitors the indicators, I was able to go back and see what I’d been doing wrong with past trades that went terribly wrong.  What I see on a 1 min chart may look good, but the 5 min tells a completely different story!!   I scored my first win today with BYND shortly after 10am, when it made the move Dorothy predicted above the symmetry.  1 contract, but it felt good to know it was pure strategy execution and not luck.